Sticky Fingers Pre-School - Newlands and Redbridge
Sun Safe Nursery
 Sticky Fingers Pre-School are proud to be part of the sun Safe community.

Sunny weather.  
Sticky Fingers Pre-school works in partnership with ‘Sun Safe Nurseries’ to provide information for parents and carers, educational resources to support learning and protection from the hot weather. 

 Children should all wear sun hats to Pre-School that have a peak at the front and a flap at the back to cover their necks. These should be labelled with the child’s name. If the child attends their session without a hat, one can be provided for them. 

Children should wear clothing that protects them from the sun and sleeves to protect their shoulders. 

Children should wear appropriate footwear to the Pre-School. Flip flops are not advised as they hinder the child from taking part in physical activities or may slow them down in the event of an emergency.
Children should have sun cream applied before attending the Pre-School. The Pre-School do have additional sun cream to top up children who stay for the whole day. (With parental permission.) 

If a child has an allergy to some types of sun cream the parents should provide an appropriate sun cream to use.  

The Pre-School will provide fresh drinking water at all times.

Parent & Carer information leaflet
Teach the children the ‘Slip, Slop, slap song’ , read George the sun safe superstar and provide other activities to support their understanding of staying safe in the sun

Below you will find posters and links to useful documents and activities to support children's understanding of staying safe in the sun. 

More information on Sun Safety can be found in our policy and on our Facebook page.

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