Sticky Fingers Pre-School - Newlands and Redbridge

Family Support Inclusion Officer 
I am here to support parents and children. I am here to support Parents & Carers over the worries or queries you may have regarding your child and provide a listening ear if you need one. 
I will be holding a coffee morning before each committee meeting where parents/careers can have a chance to meet up and have a chat and talk about what is going on within the preschool’s this can also give you a chance to share your ideas giving us even more chances of working together to improve your child’s future. We will also be looking at fund rising ideas. 
I am trained within a programme called Incredible Years, this programme is a theoretical based programme. This programme looks at children understanding there: feelings, looking at problem solving strategies, being able to begin to manage their behaviour with also looking at friendships. We will be looking at strengthening parent and child interactions 
I am also be training in a programme called the Solihull Approach which combines three theoretical concepts which our containment (psychoanalytic theory), reciprocity (child development) and behaviour management (behaviourism). 
Or you can phone or text me on 07557442394.

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