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08.01.2019: Parent comment: "Just wanted to say how reassuring it was to see a friendly face at Newlands to welcome MP3 children to settle on their first day. Still very sad MP3 had to close but moving forward in a reassuring direction. Thanks for all your care and dedication a Sticky Fingers super fan".

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Strong partnerships are developed with parents. Staff inform parents of children's progress and use successful strategies to engage parents in their children's learning

The quality of teaching is consistently good. Staff make regular and precise assessments to monitor children's achievements effectively. They quickly identify any gaps in children's learning and put in targeted support. All children are making good progress in their learning from their starting points.
OFSTED Sticky Fingers Redbridge 18.11.2015

Since .............. started at sticky fingers she has been saying more and more words, finding it very comfortable to speak when she never used to. ........... is able to say sentences, please and thank you. ........... is also able to tell me what she would like such as a drink and what specific drink she would like and whether she would like it in a bottle or a cup. Whether her bum needs changing and when she has been for a 1 or a 2. ................ has also walked everyday to and from pre school and she previously wouldn't. ........... has only been at the pre school for two weeks and she has changed so much she is so much more confident in everything she does now. She has dropped her dummy and no longer needs it or want it so it's gone in the bin. I can see this being a good place for ........ to grow into a bright confident and happy little girl. I'm so proud of how much she has changed in such a small amount of time.  25/09/2015

Children form exceptionally warm and secure attachments due to the fully embedded keyperson and buddy approach. This leads to extremely happy, secure and confident children.
OFSTED Sticky Fingers Newlands 30.04.2015

My daughter has defiantly gained confidence since staring at Sticky Fingers, and that's mostly down to the staff that work there. I'm so happy with the way that Sticky Fingers is run, so a big thank you goes out to those who have worked with her and made her early years good ones.
 Parent from Newlands 17.03.2015  

Staff take children's individual preferences well and take positive steps to ensure that all children are valued and included. 
OFSTED Sticky fingers Redbridge 01.03.2012

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