Sticky Fingers Pre-School - Newlands and Redbridge

School Readiness

There are many resources and links available to support families getting ready for the transition of starting school. Always remember that your child is an individual and will develop at their own pace. If you are worried and stressed then your child will pick up on this. Try to stay calm and positive about the experience. 
Parent & Carer useful information 

Guides for parents and carers; Click on the number.
1:Transition to school
2:Pacey, starting school
3: School starting checklist

Useful apps

Useful resources 
for children

Suzy goes to school PDF book.  

Click on the numbers for different pencil control books.
1.Letter formation 
2.My name is pencil control workbook
4:Pencil control cards

 All about me pages. Click on the number

1: Bunting
5: For my new teacher

Fun resources
Click on the numbers to access. 
1.Number Bingo
2.Rhyming Bingo
3: Dressing up cutting skills

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