Sticky Fingers Pre-School - Newlands and Redbridge
Sticky Fingers is working hard to strive and become the best we can be. Our next step to achieving this is to use the Tapestry online learning journals.
When your child starts Sticky fingers Pre-school we will ask you for your email address and we will provide you with a unique password.
Every time a staff member writes an observation on your child and it has been checked and approved by the Lead Practitioner you will receive an email and this will be added to their learning journal.
As a parent you can also add to your child's learning journal. These additions will also need to be checked and approved by the lead practitioner and will then be added to your child's journal.
We feel that this is a great way for us both to work together to support and extend your children's learning whilst they are at Sticky Fingers Pre-school.
We are very excited about this next step in working with parents to have the best outcomes for the children. We hope you share this excitement.
If you have any questions with regard to this then please do not hesitate to contact your Lead Practitioner.

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